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In Photos: Wang Eun (왕은), Foods and Friends

Friends meet Baby Wang Eun (와은).

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Remember this cute face of my lil fella because I’m quite sure you’ll be seeing a lot of him here in my blog and on my Instagram account. Baby Wang Eun is certainly a perfect companion and subject to my photos. Ha!

When I was kid, I remember collecting Barbie dolls but not much fascinated with stuffed toys. Even as a teenager. When it felt like everyone’s room is bursting at the seams with stuffed toys, enter my room and you’ll be proven wrong.

Well, until I became an EXO-L and knew about the existence of EXO dolls.

At present, I have two dolls. The Prince Baek doll which I prefer to be called as (Baby) Wang Eun doll (first photo) in reference to Baekhyun’s character in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. That’s the doll that I’ve been wanting ever since I learned about someone producing such doll. It was during Scarlet Heart’s airing when I became an EXO-L and ended up being a Baekhyun stan. So when I saw someone selling their Prince Baek doll, I immediately messaged her and reserved it. Thanks to her I now have my Baby Wang Eun who holds a very special place in my heart.

I also have a Kyunee Hyunee (above), which is currently in production and bound to arrive here in the Philippines by July or August. The waiting game for this doll is too strong and long. But it’s okay. I know it’s worth the wait. Just look at his cute face!

But what started as a meet and greet for my Wang Eun doll, this blog post is actually just me sharing some photos that I (my friends) took over the weekend.

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