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Spotlight Tuesday: Chapter Scents by Liss and Shils

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Thesis, that’s how the friendship and partnership of the people behind Chapter Scents started. Both 20-year olds, graduates of BS Biology and avid readers – Shiella Fierry Jagto and Lissandra Uy have been friends for just over a year. Just a year? But as Shiella told to me, being partners with their thesis helped them a lot in gauging how well they work as a team. Here they are now, venturing into their own book themed candle business. “My friend Liss decided to join me because she saw it as an opportunity for us to see each other and still be friends even after our graduation”, Shiella added. Well, that is a clever and certain way of never losing a connection with someone.  Let’s get to know more about their duo and Chapter Scents through Shiella, shall we?

What inspired you to create your own line of book themed candles?


I was following an account in Instagram, The Melting Library, selling handmade scented soy candles. There were only a few selections of scents then but I wanted all those candles because most of them were inspired by my favorite characters. But the shipment fee from New York to the Philippines was expensive. I even tried to use my classmate’s US address so it would be cheaper but I didn’t have a Paypal or a credit card. So I decided to make my own candles. I wasn’t planning on selling candles but I noticed that most available candles were inspired by famous book series, movies, and TV series. I thought it would be great to sell candles that are inspired by under hyped books or book characters. I am currently working on book characters.

How did you come up with the name of your shop?


It was all my friend Liss’ idea. She had six names prepared on her list. We initially chose Scented Pages, then we went to Wandering Lights, but we ended up with Chapter Scents. The first two names sounded like a book or a song, and chapter scented was more simple.

How many are you behind Chapter Scents and how did you divide the tasks among yourselves? How long did it took you to be able to establish your business?


There are only two of us. My friend, Liss, is the capitalist. While I am the in charge with the production. She also helps me with some of the task in making the candles. We started doing trials last May, but we only perfected our formula this June.

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THE TRANSFER: Welcome to my NEW blog!

Hi, dear readers!


I didn’t think that I would really push through with this. To stay on Blogger and revamp it once again or jump to WordPress and start anew? Those two were the questions that keep on bumping inside my head yesterday and I know that I have to do something because it has been for quite some time now since I felt the spark to blog. For years, I’ve stuck with Blogger and was able to build the name – Fandomly Bookish. I’m grateful for it. But this extreme change is something that I really need to do to move forward.

Type. Draft. Trash. That’s how all my supposed to be blog posts ended up – in the trash. For the past several months or maybe you can even say that for the entire 2016, I felt like the passion I have for blogging faded.

My voice got drowned.

My attention got diverted. Not regretting having my attention diverted, tho. It brought me extreme happiness and I’ll forever treasure everything linked to it. And this will also play a part on the contents of this blog. So, win!

But here I am now.

Feeling refreshed and inspired to fill this blog’s spaces.

Photo credit: EXOYEAH

In the past, Fandomly Bookish mostly catered to Book Reviews, Blog Tours, Cover Reveals and other bookishly features. Those will still be included in the contents of this blog which will be under the “Flip, Bookish Activities!” section. With subheadings such as Book Review Archive, Jonaxx Stories, Weekly Features and Review Policy and Rating System (will be updated in the coming days). But to spice things up, I made an “On All Things Korean…Annyeong!” section dedicated for Korean Dramas and KPop (Hi, EXO!). These things a very dear to my heart and I would love to share to you the happiness (and feels) that I get from it. 

Well, that’s basically it! I hope you’ll be able to support these changes and give more love to Fandomly Bookish. Thank you!