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Wattpad Story Review: Deliverance by FrustratedGirlWriter


The two bastards of Delos Santos are coming your way. And they are no saints.

Noah Alessandro Delos Santos is the most evil man alive–shrewd, greedy, ambitious, and dangerous. He’ll get anything and everything he wants in the most wicked way he can.

Even love can’t save him.

Or so he thought.

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Nothing but praises for C.D. de Guzman. But most especially to God. 

In all honesty, my mind is a juggled mess right now and I’m having a hard time in stringing sentences. It feels like I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know which one to talk about first. I have read a number of stories written by FrustratedGirlWriter (CeeDee) and I’m always awashed with a sense of peacefulness once I finish one. But Deliverance, wow. I’m overwhelmed with how well-written it is, the emotions enveloped in its story and how it affected me too much.

Patricia and Sandro’s tale is far from the typical rainbows and unicorns. I won’t talk about their characters and the plot because I want you to dive into this with only its synopsis in mind (and/or these praises that I have)I do think a review for this story isn’t even needed and so I’m keeping it short. It was flawlessly written. Everything was out there and I assure you that you’ll easily nail the things and lessons that CeeDee wants to impart to us.

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