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Feature: YouTube Channels That I Frequently Visit


How often do you use your YouTube account? What are the videos that you look for and watch whenever you are on that app? On today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing some of the YouTube channels that I frequently visit and truly enjoy their respective video contents.

In the past, I only use YouTube to check up on the latest music videos, movie trailers, interviews and basically the official releases from various media outlets. It was just recently that I found myself getting hooked with all things YouTube, being fascinated with some YouTubers and their contents. It all started when I saw a lipstick collection video on my home page and because it got me curious, I clicked on it. The next thing I know YouTube kept on suggesting videos from different YouTubers (international and local) and me, watching and watching and watching videos endlessly.

I’m not into beauty and makeup but two out of six YouTube channels that I listed below are of that content. Oh the irony. It’s just that I’m fascinated and I enjoy watching these vloggers testing out and putting on different products. Their videos are done creatively and definitely informative. The other four are of random channels about nails, culture, song covers and ChanBaek compilation videos. If you have questions and looking for a particular account that would suit your wants and favorites (like BookTubers), I’d gladly help you out and suggest some. Just comment down below! 😊

Shall we get started with my list?


1. Shaaanxo by the beauty vlogger, Shannon, from New Zealand. It was her lipstick collection video that popped into my home page and started it all. This particular video runs to almost 30 minutes and I found myself finishing the entire thing. How can someone own such an amount lipsticks? Her collection left me in awe because of the number of lipsticks that she owns, the wide-range of brands that it includes and just seeing stacks and stacks of it. At first, I thought that she’s kind of “maarte” (like someone who can be too nitpicky). But she proved me wrong. Shannon does have a great personality, as seen in her videos. She’s so girly and I love it when she suddenly does some funny reactions and facial expressions. She’s so comfortable in front of the camera and sometimes it feels like she doesn’t even care that her funny yet weird expressions are captured and can be seen by millions of her subscribers.

Her YouTube channel is filled with lipstick swatches (most of the times she makes sure that she have the complete collection before she films this particular vlog feature), her first impressions on beauty products, reviews, tutorials, hauls and she also did some beauty tags & Q&A. Visit Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel!

Other International Beauty Channels that I visit, too: Tina Yong (I love her “Tina Tries It” feature), Tati, Safiya Nygaard, The Beauty Breakdown and Meejmuse.


2. Chinkytita by Chinky from Cebu Philippines. I believe she’s just a starting YouTuber but her community is growing at a steady pace. I’m fond of using lip tints and when I searched for some swatches on YouTube, her account appeared. I went through her lip tint videos and I found myself enjoying everything that she puts out. She is bubbly,  funny (makes fun of herself whenever she does something wrong) and always up for a challenge. Add in her boyfriend who’s also a jokester, definitely expect some craziness. Her contents are always light & fun which makes her videos highly addictive to watch. A great daily dose of entertainment.

Her videos mostly consists of lip tint reviews, hauls here and there (even online and Divisoria), makeup product reviews and random travel & life vlogs. With being just a budding YouTuber, I love how she focused on featuring local and affordable makeup products. She knows how maximize the products that are easily available within her reach and in turn setting the general public as her viewers. I know she’s slowly getting her name out there, receiving some PR packages and I can’t wait for more things to come her way. Visit Chinkytita’s YouTube Channel!

Other Local Beauty Channels that I visit: Anna Cay, Anne Clutz and ThatsBella.


3. Simply Nailogical by Christine from Canada. She’s not a professional nail technician but her passion for nails can rival to one. If I’m not mistaken, Simply Nailogical is the one behind the popular 100 Coats of Nail Polish feature. How crazy! 

My first impression towards Christine is that she’s annoying. Sorry. The way she talks just annoyed me. But as I kept on watching her videos, I find myself getting less and less annoyed with her. Her fascination on all things holo, dark sense of humor, boldness, sarcasm and craziness are the stand out qualities that she has and makes her videos really out there. 

Quality content videos about nails and holo? Then go visit Simply Nailogical’s YouTube Channel!


4. The World of Dave. This channel is actually one of my recent finds and I fell in love with its contents immediately. The first video that I watched from this channel was the Food Chain Name Pronunciation between Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese. There were four people in the video (Vai, Jaein, Dave and Erina) and they took turns in translating/pronouncing the names of the food chains. The video is fun yet at the same time informative with making the viewers aware with the differences or how close the similarities are between these four languages.

The World of Dave touch base with various cultures and you can clearly see how he always incorporate a country or two in his videos. Good thing is he has a very diverse crew and guests that help him in carrying out his goals. His videos are short yet very entertaining and as what I’ve mentioned awhile ago, informative. Expect some meokbangs, learning how to speak English time, differences between countries of whatnots, trying foods from other countries and more. Visit The World of Dave’s YouTube Channel!

Erina and Vai also have their own channels. Vai, The World of Vai,  just started out with his and so it only has few videos on it. While Erina, The World of Erina, is already filled with Japanese lessons, Makeup & Life and Food (more food and food) vlogs!


5. Silv3rt3ar (Silvertear) by Elise, a Taiwanese-American residing in the U.S. If you’re into K-Pop, I’m sure you are pretty familiar with her channel already. Elise uploads Kpop covers. From Korean covers to Korean-English translated ones, she have it. Even Piano and Acapella covers. Every cover that she does is masterfully and creatively done. Just the amount of time, effort in translating the songs and prepping it to perfection must have been quite a task already. She tweaks the songs and imprinting her Elise touch to it. Her voice has a very soothing tone and my ears are blessed whenever I listen to her.

Visit Silv3t3ar’s YouTube Channel!

Other cover artist that I’m currently subscribed to: Ysabelle Cuevas! She was the lucky fan who was invited by Taeyang to sing her cover version of Wake Me Up. I’ve been following her even before that happened and I’m so in love with her voice. Previously, her covers leaned more into OPM songs but suddenly KPop song covers appeared on her account. Not that I’m not happy because I really am! With her amazing voice, she pulls it off and does an amazing job to it. I love her Don’t Wanna Cry (English cover) by Seventeen. Visit Ysabelle’s YouTube Channel!


6. Julyena H. I don’t know anything about the creator behind this account. All I know about her is that she makes compilation videos of ChanBaek moments that happened each month and that’s something very helpful to me, a ChanBaek shipper. Whenever I watch her videos, I’m refreshed with ChanBaek’s interactions and kilig moments. Or if i missed out on something, she is there to inform me. Visit Julyena H’s YouTube account!

I also love watching fan-made videos from the YouTube channel, July CB, because her videos are full of feels. Well, anything ChanBaek is. But her videos are tastefully done, complete with a swoon-worthy background music. Here’s her latest upload: The Scientist | Take Me Back To The Start. Though my favorite ChanBaek fan-made video ever is Perfect made by iwillstillopenthewindow. To be honest, I get pretty emo whenever I watch it because of the intense ChanBaek clips used and how One Direction’s Perfect just fits them.

Well, that ends my list of YouTube Channels that I frequently visit. Have you come across these channels that I’ve mentioned? Watched any of their videos? If not, then maybe you could give them a try. I’m 100% sure that their videos will entertain and help you relax after a long day at work or school. If you’re currently subscribed to quality content YouTubers, please do suggest on the comment section below. I’m always looking for more people to follow and videos to watch!

Bye. 😊


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