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Wattpad Story Review: Hello, Death Trilogy by TheCatWhoDoesntMeow

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Hello, Death Wattpad Description:
Natalie received a message saving her from her demise. The sender is none other that Death himself.
Read the story here.

A Walk with Death (#2)
I closed my eyes and surrendered to the cold. He will come, right? He will guide me to my death. I don’t have to be scared as…
Read the story here.

After Death (#3)
In my hand, lying invisible to the eyes of everyone else, there was a glowing silver feather… of a death god. –  Natalie
Read the story here.

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Hello, Death trilogy surprised me in a lot of ways. Blew my mind, even. 

It was after I published and tweeted about my book review for Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista that I received a tweet from Twitter user, isaiahxignacio, saying:

@FandomlyBookish Hi! I hope you try out.@WriterMeow’s works! Her Hello, Death trilogy is a must read!

With a follow-up tweet:

It’s not time-consuming but I assure you if it is, it will be worth it.

In which I responded that I’ll look for the writer’s Wattpad account and probably read her stories after the books that I have lined up. I also thanked her for the suggestion. I highly appreciate people tweeting me about their Wattpad recommendations because I know there are still lots of good quality stories that I haven’t come across with. But to be honest, at that time I actually became worried because I really don’t know when I’ll be able to read Hello, Death. I have an ARC that needs to be read and reviewed (which is now posted on the blog, The Queen’s Game) and there are other books that interest me. I just resulted into saving Hello, Death on my Wattpad library and planned to pull it out once I have the time or when I feel like being in the mood of reading it.

It was last Saturday when I got sick and felt so weak that I ended up just laying in bed the whole day. With feeling so bored and restless, I was suddenly hit with the urge to read Hello, Death. So then and there – I started reading it and next thing I know I was flying through the pages of it.

“Don’t whine and ask life to be nicer, or kinder, or better to you. It’s not life’s task to define you. It’s your task to define your life.” 

Hello, Death is an epistolary. In this case, it’s through text messages. I know reading an epistolary isn’t new for you because of the socialseryes that became viral last year. The story follows through the conversations between Natalie and Athos, a death god. Athos collect souls with karmic death and Natalie’s sin connected her to him. Athos can only converse with her if she’s in danger or whenever he is near her while collecting souls.

This installment of Hello, Death basically just revolves around Natalie’s questions and Athos’ answers which at the same time served as the world building for this fantasy story. It is quite short but surely brings in a meaty and juicy story. The premise of having a death god contacting a human about her death is very interesting. I haven’t read a story having the same concept as this one. I thoroughly enjoyed how Natalie and Athos talk and banter with each other. Imagine a very curious human being bombarding a no non-sense and no fun death god with questions… Sometimes it comes across as downright funny and there are times wherein you can feel this weird (good weird) chemistry between them. The pacing is good too. Basically the reason why I finished reading it under or in just over an hour. But the two things that I love the most about this story are – its depth and how the author’s writing can struck a cord in me. It doesn’t skims through life and death but there is a depth to it that would get your mind working. Every line uttered by Athos, there’s so much truth in it that would make you want to reflect about yourself and on how you are living your life. Through their conversations, I cannot help but to think and rethink about life and death too. I even took some screenshots of my favorite lines. 

“I want to live…if I could.”

A Walk with Death (#2) is actually a one-shot. It’s just a scene that picks up where Hello, Death ended and a transition scene for the last installment. Athos and Natalie had a conversation again and you’ll see her pouring her heart out. Going through different kinds of emotions in a short span of time while realizations about her life are flooding and setting in her mind.

“No matter how much I want to love him, he should go back to where he belongs.”

The last book, After Death (#3), is a short story with 18 chapters, an epilogue and some special chapters. I’m going as vague as I can (this is really hard) because I don’t want to spoil you. Just so I thought that I already knew a lot about this world, here comes After Death and offered game (story) changers and a whole new tricky situations and complications. Book 3 became the avenue for Eloisa Madrigal to expound and get even more creative with her narrative and the world that she built. I love how she was able to seamlessly weave everything from her epistolary and one-shot and showcased it in full here. Despite being predictable at times, this is definitely where things got a lot more cooler and interesting. After Death got my heart bursting from the interactions between Natalie and Professor Henry (keep an eye on that dude, he has also nailed the tsundere thing down pat) and also got my heart aching and torn because of that tricky situation.

And I think, I should probably stop babbling now.

Hello, Death may just be a short read but it certainly have lots of things to offer. From great and well fleshed-out characters to its intricate and captivating world and thought-provoking conversations – I’m sure you won’t be able to help yourself but be invested towards it.


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