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Book Review: Playing Autumn by Mina V. Esguerra



The last thing Haley Reese wants to do is head home to Houston. It’s been years since she pursued a career in music and mentoring at the annual Breathe Music Festival makes her feel like a fraud. But after sharing a plane ride with her idol, rock star Oliver Cabrera, things start looking up.

Oliver hasn’t called any place “home” since he started touring professionally in his teens. With his career just about over, he decides to accepts an invitation to mentor at the Breathe Music Festival. Helping Haley just might be the distraction Oliver needs.


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Playing Autumn is just the perfect book to read on a day that you would just want to chill out.

I had fun reading this book and the story and characters really aided me to have a very relaxing day. I like the premise of the story and that the main characters (Haley and Oliver) are quite different from each other but their passion for music is what binds them together. Through music, you’ll witness Haley and Oliver get to know each other and in which it eventually led them to fall in love.

Haley and Oliver’s personalities and actions could’ve used a little more tweaking here and there for it to pop more. Though, I’m certain that Haley will come across as a character whom people can easily identify themselves with. She is a fangirl and today’s generation seems to be like a pool of fangirls and fanboys.

Myself included.

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Rapid Fire Book Tag

Radpid Fire Book Tag

Not tagged. But I recently followed Tea With Mermaids and saw that she did this, Rapid Fire Book Tag. I thought it was quick and fun to answer and so I made my own blog post. GirlReading over Youtube originally created it, so be sure to drop by her account and watch as she answers these questions.

Question 1: E-Book or Physical Book? 

I would go for E-Book since lately I’ve been reading more through my Kindle.

Question 2 : Paperback or Hardback?

Paperback. It’s light and easier to carry around.

Question 3 : Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

Lately, I’ve only been enjoying through online shopping. But still nothing beats the In-Store Book Shopping experience and be googly eyes with physical copies. Heaven. 

Question 4 : Trilogies or Series?


Question 5 : Heroes or Villains?

Villains. Because most of the times they come across as more complex characters than heroes.

Question 6 : A book you want everyone to read?

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma (Hahahahahahahahahuhu just because…)

Question 7 : Recommend an underrated book?

In this Life by Christine Brae

Question 8 : The last book you finished?

Fall like Rain by Ana Tejano and I highly recommend it!

Question 9 :The Last Book(s) You Bought?

Prep and Prejudice by Miren B. Flores and Fall like Rain by Ana Tejano

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Fresh Release: Cherry Bomb by NCT


Cherry Bomb comeback marks the first one that I’m on board with all the NCTzen (our just announced fandom name)! To say that I’ve been highly anticipating for their M/V and mini album to drop is totally an understatement.

When SM entertainment started releasing comeback teasers (first wave was of Doyoung, WinWin and Taeyong), the impression that it left me were NCT Dream-ish and Pop. It got me thinking, would they be taking on a NCT Dream kind of concept with a 127 twist? Are they going to release poppin’ songs because of how bold the colors used for the teasers? The video teasers weren’t that big of a help at all since it was mostly a montage of the M/V. Well, if you consider having Na Na Na NaNa stuck in your head and yes it worked. But still I’m at wits end because I couldn’t really grasp what the song will sound like and its overall vibe.

… And just a few hours ago, I got my answers for those thoughts and questions.


Click the picture to watch the M/V for Cherry Bomb by NCT!


NCT 127 made a poppin’ comeback with Cherry Bomb as their title track.

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In Photos: Fandomly Bookish meets FrustratedGirlWriter

When a truly memorable moment happens, you know you just have to tell it to your friends. 

For today’s In Photos blog feature, I’m going to do a recap about the day I personally met the Precious Hearts Romances and Wattpad writer, FrustratedGirlWriter, C.D. de Guzman. She’s the first Pinoy writer that I’ve ever met and so this specific meeting is definitely something blog-worthy.

On June 8th, Iya (a friend of mine) sent in a direct message on my Fandomly Bookish Twitter account and asking if I’m free the following day. I was not, actually. I have plans and appointments to attend to. But then she dropped that C.D. (Denise) would be heading to Bicol and will conduct a meet-up for her readers. Well, I cannot not attend and miss it. I just raved about her latest completed Wattpad story, Deliverance, a few days back and her quick trip here in our province was the perfect opportunity to chat with her.

I know I have to do something with my schedule and look for someone to come with me.

Schedule fixed, check.

Joy, my friend and fellow admin at JSL Bicol, also a reader of Denise as my buddy, check.

Okay, we’re ready and excited.

On the morning of June 9th, I woke up with the sound of heavy rain and a view of dark skies filtering through my windows. Through the entire morning, the rain just won’t let up and so I was constantly messaging Iya about the weather here in Albay (Sto. Domingo, where I come from). I was really worried for the meet-up because the venue that they’ve decided on, Cagsawa, was an open area. But Iya said to still push through with it and surprisingly Denise was already there. Imagine my panic, guys.

I had to rush everything that I’m doing and prepare myself in a limited amount of time. Traveled to Legaspi, met up with Joy and rode another jeepney to Cagsawa in which we said Hello to traffic. I told Iya to send a message to Denise saying that we’re so sorry to be arriving late. We just can’t do anything at that point but wait…

At past 2pm, we arrived at the venue, searched for them and was greeted with a cheery smile from Denise.

I can breathe now.


Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

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Book Review: Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

red wborder

Book Cover - Love Unrehearsed

Author: Tina Reber (Website | Twitter)
Publication Date: September 14, 2012
Publisher: Atria Books


There is no rehearsal for true love.

When A-list film actor Ryan Christensen ducked into her pub to escape his screaming fans, never in a million years did Taryn Mitchell think her life was about to change forever. But now, eight months later, after a whirlwind romance, Taryn wakes up in Ryan’s Hollywood hotel room to find a diamond to die for on her left ring finger—and her face splashed across the cover of every gossip magazine.

Ryan’s very public proposal is catnip to the tabloids, his management team is worried, and Taryn must figure out how a small town girl like her fits into his glittering world. What does it take to make a relationship work amidst telephoto lenses, daily on-set temptations, and jealous fans who will stop at nothing to keep you from walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams?

With no script to follow and no chance for a dress rehearsal, Taryn and Ryan will be forced to take the plunge and risk everything to make their love last.

Purchase links: Amazon | B&N | iBooks

red review
I’m a puddle of goo. 

Love Unrehearsed picks up days after Love Unscripted left off. Ryan and Taryn are now engaged and are off to attend the premiere of Ryan’s latest movie – Reparation. Still in the bliss of their engagement, it may have slipped off from Ryan’s thinking that he did his proposal publicly. Shits about to hit the fan.

Word got out about their engagement and it’s now in Ryan’s hand (or more in his team’s hand) if he’ll be confirming or just brushing off the topic. Will Ryan do as what his team says or follow his heart on how he’ll be going to deal with this?

More questions: Is Taryn really ready for a life with Ryan? A life that is always under the scrutiny of the public and the media? Will there be people who will attempt to ruin their relationship? What will they do to secure their relationship? Will they still have their happily ever after?

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