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Fresh Release: Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen


On May 22nd, Seventeen dropped the latest single, Don’t Wanna Cry, from their 4th mini album titled ‘Al1’. I highly anticipated for this. I don’t know why and where the feeling came from but I really felt that this song (and basically the album as a whole) will be good.

Yet Seventeen exceeded my expectations.

If you haven’t heard and seen the M/V for Don’t Wanna Cry, do yourselves a favor and watch it HERE. I guarantee you that your eyes and ears will be blessed by the art they have created. Sometimes it takes me two or three times to listen to a certain song before I can decide if it’s a great one or just okay. With Don’t Wanna Cry, I became hooked with it the moment I heard it’s opening line and fell even more as the song continued to play. I don’t even know who’s who were singing (only knew a few members from the group) but I love it. It has been days now since it was released and I still can’t stop listening to it. Don’t Wanna Cry just hooks you in and basically causes for you to have a last song syndrome. It is addicting. Very.


Maybe the first few times you listen and watch the M/V, you’ll just be in awe with them. Like who wouldn’t? The MV and their choreography are aesthetically pleasing and suited the song perfectly. But as I repeatedly listened to it, I heard and felt the sadness injected in the song. Even though their track was an EDM (with a basic-like beat), Seventeen managed to let the message of the song transcend through the vulnerability of their voices, its progression and the choreography. Notice even the littlest of their movements because it tells a narrative.

Once the English translation was out, I read the lyrics and it made my heart ache more.

With Wonwoo and Mingyu’s 울고 싶지 않아 (ulgo shipji ana), I know I’m going to stay and continue listening to the song. But when that choreography in the GIF above was shown, I knew that I made a great decision. Seventeen’s synchronization is definitely something and their choreography catered to it by highlighting it several times. The choreography showed creativity and complexity and they were able to execute it flawlessly. It truly showcased that they move together as one team. I legit had goosebumps whenever group shots of them dancing were shown in the M/V. It’s so good.


I loooove everything about Don’t Wanna Cry M/V but allow me to mention some parts that heavily stood out for me.

  • Wonwoo and Mingyu’s opening lines because they basically welcomed me into the fandom (slowly slipping into it) and I love the quality of their voices.
  • Vernon’s part and the corresponding choreography which is shown in the first gif. Just the first part in and they already brought the wow factor with how dead ass in sync and how smooth their moves are. It was pretty clever because how can people still resist if they are served with those jaw-dropping movements from a thirteen-member-ed group? How can you?
  • This probably is my most favorite part: the bridge which involves Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Seungkwan and back to Wonwoo. The tone of their voices, the rawness of it and the build up of the beat meshed so well with the lyrics. It was just perfect the intensity needed to nail the message. Here’s the English translation for that part:

“I’m okay (I’m not okay)
I don‘t want to see you (I really want to see you)
I have to say these lies that
Don’t even come from my heart

Because my heart won‘t listen to these words as I thought
Come back, come back, come back
When half of me is gone, how can I live as one
I don’t want to cry”

  • I’m ending it with: I really really really love this M/V. Their voices and all the group shots wherein they are dancing and showed how in sync they are were so lit. I cannot get enough of this. Seriously.

I really hope Don’t Wanna Cry will be received well by the public, help Seventeen gain more attention and catapult their name even more. It’s so good and it would be a total waste if this doesn’t chart well or win in music shows. But so far, I’ve seen a number of comments on the Youtube page for this song saying that they are non-Carats but have been listening to the song the whole day and others wanting to join the fandom. More people are waking up and finding their way to Seventeen.

Here are some additional materials you might want to watch:

I’ve also listened to all their songs from the Al1 mini-album and they do have some quality music in there. Once again, they put to use the three units (Hip-hop, Performance and Vocal) that they have and each has a certain track in the album. The China-line, Jun and The8, even have a duet. I’m highly impressed when I learned that they self-produce their materials: from the lyrics, producing the song and choreography. Even the album design, right? I learned that Mingyu has a hand on that aspect for their just released album. They are certainly a bunch of capable and talented guys.

As we speak, I’m slowly learning about things concerning their group. I nailed down the basics with knowing their names and faces. That’s a start, right? To further my knowledge, I’m watching videos on Youtube (English time, so funny and cute) and trying to make a dent on the episodes from Seventeen Project. Then, I’ll proceed to One Fine Day Seasons 1 and 2. I’m taking my time and enjoying every bit of it. I’m excited to uncover more things about Seventeen.

With that being said, I’m leaving you now with this Don’t Wanna Cry Wonwoo gif just because.


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