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Blog Tour: Feels Like Summer by Six de los Reyes

FEELS LIKE SUMMER (Summer Storm #2)
Release date: April 12, 2017
In print: April 30, 2017

feels like summer cover only
Cover Design by: Porcupine Strongwill


Five-minute girlfriend. This is what Jett signs up for when she meets Adrian and his band Arabella at beach music festival Summer Storm. One kiss and the attraction is too electric to ignore, but Jett has no room for love and Adrian is Mr. Relationship who’s getting over his recent breakup. The solution? Keep it simple. Keep it casual. For three months (that’s the rule about breakups, right?), Jett helps Adrian move on and Adrian shows up on Jett’s bed whenever she wants.

Then the three months are up and neither of them are in a hurry to be the first to leave. Does Jett walk away from a potential disaster or does she finally let someone into her closely-guarded heart?


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Author Bio:

Six de los Reyes has been reading and making up stories for as far as she can remember. In fifth grade, she learned to write about the stories she wanted to read. As a pretend grownup, she writes contemporary romance novels. Her day job doing science has something to do with being a part-time mermaid and a part-time labrat. She currently lives next to the sea.

Other works include:
Just for the Record
Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions
Sounds Like Summer

Anthology Contributions:
After the Moment, Taking Chances (#BuqoYA)
Nico Saves Christmas, Make My Wish Come True
Ocean Eyes, Summer Crush

Follow Six de los Reyes:
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wattpad: @sixdlr



The story kicks-off when Jett was approached by Franklin and Kenny, members of a band named Arabella, and asked to pretend to be their front-man’s, Adrian, girlfriend. With a backstage pass to Isaiah on the line, Jett grabs the opportunity and set-off to rescue Adrian from his ex-girlfriend who’s currently parading herself with his new man. But five minutes with Adrian and an unexpected explosive kiss shared ultimately changed everything.

“It’s a careful progression of notes building toward a climax of guitar riffs and earth-shattering crescendos.”

This book is my first ever read from de los Reyes and I doubt that it would be the last one. I was highly impressed with how she handled the plot, made the story go full circle and narrated everything in it in such a poetical manner. The story and words flowed seamlessly. By reading the synopsis you may think that you already know where the story is heading, well you’re clearly wrong on that front. With some seemingly common scenes, de los Reyes made it her own and painted things into a new light while setting clever and beautiful imagery to her reader’s mind. Yes, you may get several key points ticked off (like from casual hook-up to later on one or both characters will feel something towards the other) but the conflict presented and the turn of events in Feels like Summer will surprise you in a lot of ways.

Just as the synopsis suggests, better anticipate for this book to be steamy. It gets even steamier because of the solid, scorching and intense chemistry between Jett and Adrian. Well, not during their first time because that would take the crown as the most awkward first sex that I’ve ever read so far in a book. But despite of having casual hook-up and romance as main elements of the story, it didn’t take away the focus of the book which is the character development that both Jett and Adrian go through. What makes it more interesting is the key element of having them come from opposite directions. Like Jett is such an emotionally-detached person while Adrian does take time to wallow in it. It adds more flavor into their journey.

“So carried away was I grinding levels and building my armor, that I lost sight of the main quest. I was too focused on me to see that it’s not just about me anymore.”

Jett’s character is as candid as one person could get. She rules her own life and does as what she wants and feels like. With her impressive traits out in the open, poisonous thoughts and unhealed wounds are festering inside her system. That’s what we have to deal with in this story. I won’t spoil you with whatever those things that Jett needs to deal with but knowing how she powered through those made me so happy and proud of her. The war inside Jett’s head and her thinking process was fascinating to sift though. With all the contradicting thoughts swirling, it was a treat to witness how she emerges with one solid decision. I like how she insisted to be the one to anchor herself from all the conflicts she was facing but also gave in for someone’s comfort at the right time. She needed to accept and realize that on her own. Jett got this strong personality going on but once you see through her cracks, the dilemmas and her flaws make her relatable.

“I’m too busy figuring out how to be yours to fall for anyone else.”

Where can I find my own Adrian? Adrian’s a singer, I’m sold with that idea alone. Ha! But on a serious note, his character showed that guys can be vulnerable too and that it is okay to get sucked in by emotions because at the end of the day they are human beings as well. He is so swoon-worthy; he brings in an Adrian-type of intensity but at the core of it is a softness that will give you warm fuzzies. One of the moments that stood out for me was that particular scene wherein Jett was dealing with her terrible menstruation and there he was, helping her with whatever he can to make the situation bearable for her. That was so sweet of him to do that and I could cry just by remembering it. It was easy to tell that Adrian was the perfect guy for Jett, though. When he showed how caring, patient and accepting he is, I know he was right for her. Those were the things that Jett lacked and what she needed for someone to exhibit in her life. Someone to care for her even though she is an independent woman, someone patient to allow her more breathing room with all the life-changes happening and someone who can and will accept her, flaws and all. And that someone, screams Adrian. 

The cool guys that form Arabella namely Franklin, Michael Brian, Kenny and Sammy were such a riot. Having quite a number of members, de los Reyes was able to set apart each of them by giving distinctive personalities that readers can easily remember them by. They surprisingly jive and work really well as a group despite being newly reconstructed and with the blaring quirks each one of them possesses. They have instilled a great dynamics in their system (most of the times trying to gang up on Adrian because of reasons) and have unusual banters that would keep anyone in their toes. Their interactions with Jett, Adrian or just by themselves are pure gold and entertained me so much. Especially scenes with Franklin. Whenever he appears, the atmosphere lightens up and you can even feel it penetrating your soul. He comes up with the wittiest and funniest nicknames for Jett and he totally captured me through that. Do we get individual novels for these members? Because looking at their personalities and the tidbits that were revealed about them, I could tell that there are interesting plot lines that lie ahead of those characters.

Surely I won’t forget to mention Jett’s online bestfriend, Ceci. Anyone can relate to their friendship since I’m quite sure almost all of us has a friend that we consider as one of our confidantes who lives miles or continents away from us and whom we only connect through online. Jett admitted that most of her friends are the ones from her online communities and seem to have worked in her favor, as a person who does not love dealing with unnecessary drama and the knowledge that she could just be herself without them judging her. Her relationships with people were really shallow and highly impersonal due to her being so emotionally-detached. But through the course of the story, she gradually drops her guard, starts to enjoy the company of others (Arabella members, workmates and even Ceci) and finally learn to expand and build relationships with them. Baby steps. You’re doing wonderful, girl.

I love de los Reyes’ take on ex-girlfriend meets the present. They weren’t pitied to each other and had that usual girls fighting over the boy scenario. Being the candid person Jett is, she took time to get to know where Ellie, the ex-girlfriend, is coming from. Note that they didn’t just skimmed through the surface. Their short talk delved into the heavy and the specific of whys. It was dealt with in a calm and mature way. Ellie even uplifting Jett’s spirit and giving her an advice. I couldn’t be more proud of these two.

Feels like Summer by Six de los Reyes is a refreshing read with heat perfectly fit for this season. With complex yet relatable characters and witty yet sensible banters, you’ll surely breeze through and enjoy every single bit of this book. I highly recommend it. Why Jett’s character turned out to be that way? Why Adrian and Ellie broke up? How intense is Jett and Adrian’s chemistry? How swoon-worthy Adrian is? Glow in the dark. Ooops. Lightsaber. Ooops. Seriously, there’s a lot of things that I’ve been itching to mention here but didn’t because I don’t want to spoil you with the ARC of the story. Just go and read Feels like Summer, now!



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